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Today’s employees look at the culture within a company, not at the knowledge that is required. They want an answer to the question: “Why would I want to come and work for you?“. That is why simply advertising a vacancy on a job board is pointless.

By means of Personalized Recruitment we help you to present the company in a way that makes publishing vacancy a formality. This reduces staff turnover, recruitment costs and the time to hire.

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Did you need a new employee yesterday? You pay a fortune to recruitment channels, but the right candidate remains elusive. Meanwhile, the work is not getting done and your customers are not being served.
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Interim Personalized Recruitment

Do you not get round to doing your own work because of an excessive number of vacancies? This makes you feel that gives you the feeling that you do everything by halves. Also, you cannot give the recruitment process the time that it deserves. The organization is failing to meet output projections.
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You are aware that organizations and the labour market are in constant flux. Do you not want to miss out on the most recent and innovative recruitment techniques? Are you looking for a structure to bring about change? Do you want to achieve more in less time?
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Recruitment is a strategic issue for your company

We believe in a sustainable and circular economy and therefore in the essential fluidity of the labour market. Such sustainability is achieved if your company is able to hire employees who are able to their work in an enjoyable way, are free to leave, may represent your company as an ambassador within their own network and are always welcome to rejoin the company.

We start by writing the employee’s story. Using the reasons that your employees have to get up in the morning and get to work full of energy. What are their reasons for coming to work for you? Who are these people and where are they, so that we may find them? What does their environment look like, what are their views, what do they hear, see, feel and think?

Together with us, you design the business model for your company, with your employees as your main customers. This gives you insight not only into what you provide and what you get back in return, but also into how you can maintain the relationship with your employees and via which channels you can stay in touch with them. So it does not matter whether they still work for you, whether they have left or whether they are about to join the company.


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Behavioral designers

Behavioural designers combine creation with behavioural psychology in order to find out what people do or don’t do and why. And what they need. We use these prototypes in order to find out how we can really get them to work.

This enables us to design smarter propositions, products, campaigns, consumer journeys, interactions, customer experiences and conversions. Or to optimize them.

Smarter means that they produce results, because they result in the desired behaviour.


a network of experts

Within Eluced, talents join forces in order to solve other people’s problems.

Solving problems works best when you connect the right people with each other. This also improves the work atmosphere and enhances performance.

Because you should leave difficult issues to be solved someone who has more talent for it. It is as simple as that.

By assigning the right talent to each task, Eluced solves issues that the market presents.

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connection and work together

Complex problems demand kowledge and attitude.

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